Sunday, September 23, 2007

So, in the end, the seminar went well. Really well.

I, of course, would have preferred to have had a nicely made up face and clean, styled, sprayed hair.
I arrived at the Town Hall at 7:35 am feeling like I was living through my worst nightmare. Well, my second worst nightmare, I at least had clothes on and this wasn't a high school final exam.

However, there were 130 executives counting on me to be professional and organized and not all into myself being paranoid about how I look. And because I am always going for the "A" in everything I do, I pretended I was in a size 7 Vera Wang ball gown with a Mac covered face.

Oh but the day was such a success. You shoulda bin there. It was soooo good.

Of course I was delighted when the day was done. Ten hours, walking and standing and going up 'n down four flights of stairs continually on heels can take a toll on a person's hip.

Have I mentioned that I still have all the Mexico stuff still sitting in my upper hallway, waiting to be put away?
Well, now I have boxes and boxes of seminar stuff taking root in my lower hallway.
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