Thursday, September 27, 2007

Do you know what was released yesterday?


Serious gaming is taking place in my family room.

And there was a glare? On the TV. From somewhere?
So this blanket needed to be draped over the water cooler and kitchen light.

And then everything was better?

Three things I'm thankful for:
1. It's Thursday tomorrow. Actually it's Thursday right now. But it will FEEL like Thursday in a few hours when I wake up. Have you done the poll? --------->
2. My bed.
3. The friends my kids have. They're awesome.



Anonymous said...

The Office is the ONLY reason I would consider getting a television.
I will be watching it with you in spirit, laughing with my horse laugh (the next time you hear something really funny, like the time Michael said he sees himself as a philandereer instead of a philanthropist, instead of pretty laughing, just let loose. You'll LOVE the feeling, um, maybe not the sound though. I have both of my sisters horse laughing now.)

Um, so no, I won't be watching it. But man! I want to!

raych said...

You don't have a spot on your poll for 'No, I'll be waiting one full calender year until it comes out on DVD, and then watching ALL episodes in a blur of impropriety and awkwardness.' So, no. I haven't taken your poll. But I still lurve you.

Jane said...

Raych? September? I've taken your answers into consideration and added them as poll options. I can do that because this is my blog and I created the poll.

I'm feeling powerful today.