Sunday, September 9, 2007

Finished. Book # 48

Each book is better than the one previous.
Still feels like I'm reading a children's book - but I love all the details. Rich. In a Charlie and the Chocolate Factory sort of way.

Also love Max.
It's the Cruise In today in Langley, so there are thousands of collector's cars on display in the downtown core. There's a party-like atmosphere in the city and everyone goes to wander the streets and see the cars. Everyone.
Everyone except me.
And apparently Max.
Jon and him had planned on going... but ended up at Chapter's instead.
He came home with 4 big, fat books.
"I love the smell of books" he says. "The pages. The paper. I love that smell."
He inhales deeply with his nose in a novel.
"Doesn't matter if its new or used - it's a great smell."


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