Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Wow, Another great day. If felt like summer.

I SO wanted to spend the evening at the beach. Maybe fish and chips for supper. Maybe a walk along the promenade. Maybe some gelato when the moon came up. Maybe some time with my kids. Maybe take some pics.

I haven't been to White Rock yet this season, and I'm kinda missing it. OK, yeah, sure, I was at that awesome beach in Mexico, where apparently, they sold to-die-for shrimp tacos and all. But I want it all; new experiences and old ones.

No one wanted to come. They hate fish and chips. They hate the beach. Everyone needed to be attached to a computer because someone might be on MSN.

So we stayed home.

Sam came over and she, Max and I watched a few discs from the second season of House. What an awesome show.

And that was that. Tuesday is over.
The Mexico blog is pretty much all loaded up.
Smug Mug now has copies of all my Mexico photos.
And Madisen & Sharalyn dropped off some flowers and a gift for me.

Not a bad day, all in all.

Three things I'm thankful for:
1. Warm evenings.
2. White candles.
3. I live in a house that does not have a dirt floor. Yes, it has a dirty floor, but that's not the same.


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