Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Trick or Treat

At 5 pm, I asked Max to grab stuff from the Halloween rubbermaid and make it look like we were a functional happy family looking forward to a night of frivolity ...

It's just not the same without a real jack-o-lantern or two. Or four.

(See those three candles beside the stepping stones? They set the bark mulch on fire ten minutes ago... a young trick or treater said to Drew - "Excuse me. You have a fire in your garden. It's OK if you want it there."

Memories of Billie's Country...

Max, Clint and I took some Mom n Me classes and made the Halloween cats.

Deep sigh.

Good times.

The little ghosts have candles in them, so they're glowing out there in the garden. Posted by Picasa

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