Wednesday, October 17, 2007

For the First Time Ever

I have no preconceived notion of what I'm going to do with this blank page. No idea where this will go.
Usually I have pre-written a blog post in my mind. But there's nothing up there. The mind? She is blank.

Do you have Facebook?
I'm loving the Hockey Pool.
And I play too many hours of TV Trivia. Peter Griffin is almost always The Family Guy's answer, by the way.

So, I've got Max in Math 10 again. The 'easy' one this time. I met with the admin of two schools to make it happen. Got forms signed. Paid fees. Met with the teacher. Figured out a schedule for him - six units in 12 weeks ... and picked up his textbook and assignments this afternoon. And then we fought about him stepping away from the video game and computer and getting started on this bloody course. "I have all semester. I want to pace myself. There's no sense getting it all done in a week. I'll do it tomorrow. What's the big deal? You're acting like this is important. I'm tired. I said I'd do it tomorrow - I'm having Kevin over to play Xbox later" and so on.

I think the knot in my leg is a Math 10 hernia.
I don't even know what a hernia is.
But I'm pretty sure it's all Max's fault.

I met with one of Drew's teacher's today. I didn't leave there feeling all warm and fuzzy. Oh no I did not. I limped out of that interview because the knot in my inner thigh was shooting sparks in every direction. Drew hasn't been handing things in. Nope. Nope. Nope. It's hard to pass a course if the teacher has no work to mark.

How did I end up with these children?
How I ask?

I spent a few hours at a lawyers office recently because there just are too many fun moments in my life these days and I have to even things out. It was either gouge out my eye with a tupperware measuring spoon, or see a lawyer about the property lines at Cultus. Turns out that we were slightly misinformed when we purchased the place 13 years ago. When the realtor said, "and they get the right-of-way on your property over here and you get the a right-of-way on their property over there" he was fooling us. That kidder. They do get that portion of our land - but no siree bob, we do not "get" that patch of grass on their land.

So don't I look silly?
And feel foolish.

I was paying bills last night, online, at home, because that's how things are done this millenium and I noticed that in Sept 06 we used 20 kWh's of electricity and in Sept 07 we used 35 kWh's.
That's a fairly big increase.
Then I took a peak at our gas bill: In Sept 06 we used 1.5 GJ's and in Sept 07 we used 5.7 GJ's.
"This must stop. It has to end. Things have to change. We cannot continue down this path. Does money grow on trees?" I said to my children - those boy-people that I share my residence with - "Come on guys, tighten those belts, pull up those boot straps, we gotta hunker down. No more waste. No more leaving lights on in rooms that are empty. No more having this house all warm and cozy. No more cooked meals. No more dry clothes. No more hot showers."

How much kWh's and GJ's does your family use a month? Maybe I'm over-reacting?

Have you been keeping score at home? Laywers appointment. Alzheimer's meeting. A couple teacher interviews. Doctor's appointments. Hockey game where we lost 8 - 2 , a few fights with the kids about homework, chores, bedtime, and deploarable eating habits - and there you have it: The Winter Blues have hit. And we haven't even switched out of daylight savings yet.

It's a good thing I've made plans for this Saturday.
Uh huh.
I'm going to Seattle to a David Crowder concert with friends. And it will be loads of fun. I will not cry. I will not cringe. I will not have shooting pain in my leg. Oh it will be marvelous.

So, I think we can all agree I shouldn't do these types of posts again. Ever.

Three things I'm thankful for:
1. David Crowder
2. Cell phones
3. Post It Notes


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Anonymous said...

Hi Jane,
When I read your blog and I think about my blog, it occurs to me that these things certainly help us cope, don't they?

You didn't send me the link to ccc's blog! Do it!

Smile Jane.