Sunday, October 14, 2007

She asked me not to blog about The Office.

Or use these words in a post: breast, Alphagetti, tyranny or stentorian.

So, because I love her, I will refrain from talking about my breasts. But I can't guarantee I'll be able to omit those other words from my vocabulary.

And about The Office? I'll still blog about it. Because, duh? It's only the thing that I live for all week. But I'll use WHITE text. So no one can see it unless they highlight it.

Look> Holy cow! Wasn't last Thursday's episode awesome? I'm SO not sick of Jim and Pam being all cute and lovey dovey. I loved their date on the roof. I loved their prank on Dwight. My favorite parts? The "Take a Chance on Me" performance by Andy. And the way Jim owned up to mocking Andy at the beginning. And the way Pam compassionately made the computer tell Dwight that he was the winner. I think Michael is heading for a massive break down that will likely involve Jan. I like this season so much better than season 3.

And now, inspiration for those of you wondering how to woo someone ... THIS is classic!


Tricia said...

I saw her spinning counter took 20 seconds for me to get her spinning clockwise, and I watched her that way for about a minute, but the left side of my head started to hurt.
SO which way did she spin for you?

Tricia said...

NOOOOO! Don't stop blogging about the Office! I love the Office, and have what season 3 twice already. My family talks in "Office" quotes. LIke, "Megan, you know where the sugar is because bears love sugar."
Oh, and breasts....mine have reached new lows.

raych said...

You are hilarious. White text? Brilliant. I love you.

raych said...

Also, I'd like to SEE you blog about tyranny and Alphaghetti and all things stentorian. Let me just see you fit the word 'stentorian' into your next post. Come on. Do it.