Friday, October 5, 2007

The trouble with sleeping til noon?

And then having to pick the kids up at 2:30?

There's no time to do anything...

Well, I did handle my Arrow e-mail.
And I cruised around facebook.
The I checked out my fav blogs.
And got lost in a (GREAT) photography site.
And found a new design site.

And now it's after 1:00 and I need to:

1. Deal with the papers on my desk and in the rubbermaid under my desk. More'n likely there are some bills that need to be paid.

2. Wash those stupid pots and pans that have been soaking all week.

3. Clear out the almost dead geraniums and lobelia from the window boxes.

4. Do another load of laundry. Then another. And one more for good luck.

5. Get very nasty about the dangerous stuff being stored in the upstairs hallway. Last night I stepped on the old light fixture that had been removed from the boy's bathroom and sliced open the side of my left foot. If you're keeping score, it's now my right hip/groin and left foot that are conspiring against me from going for a 10K jog today.

6. Be in touch with Max's various schools and figger out how the heck we're going to get him through Math 10. That monkey has been sitting on my back for two, TWO years. And even after ruining my summer - it's still there. Oooh, crap. I'm tensing up.

7. Watch the last episode of House - Season 2.

8. Dust every horizontal surface in this house and get rid of the spider webs that are decorating areas that rarely get attention.

9. Do one year's worth of sit ups. How many would that be? 10,000?

10. Go on a photo walk and take pics of fall's glory.

Fingers crossed that I'll get two things on this list done.


1 comment:

Lisa said...

You could leave the spider webs up as a Halloween decoration. Just trying to help.
Lisa(a friend of Tricia)