Monday, November 5, 2007

This is where she keeps the Purdy's Chocolate Bars:

It's as big as a punch bowl.

Outside the front door:

Max, snoozing on Sunday night in the media room:
Drew, snoozing (a fake poser snooze. That kid never sleeps) on the loveseat in the den. He made it look so comfy, I tried sleeping there last night.
I won't do that again.
Aside from the fact that I was about 12 inches too long and 100 pounds too wide for that couch, there are about 14 friggin clocks on the main floor that all chime every 15 minutes. Between the ding donging of the clocks, dad's coughing and my fear that I'd sleep too late and cause us to miss the 10:30 am doctor's appointment - it was a short night.Posted by Picasa
I'm at my house now. And I'm about 15 minutes away from taking one of my left over little blue sleeping pills from the Mexico trip.
I will sleep tonight dog nab it.

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