Friday, November 23, 2007

Bo rrring

I stopped eating last night at 9.
My plan was to get those blood tests done at 9 this morning. (Twelve hours of fasting needed for some aspect of some test ... thyroid? colesteral? can't remember ...)
But I took my time getting up this morning.
Then I made some appointments; getting the blinds cleaned on Monday. Having a mamography done early next month. Seeing the hip doctor again next week.
And then I was having the greatest hair day. And I told myself a month ago, that on my next good hair day, I was going to get my Driver's Licence picture redone. You see, a month ago, or maybe it was two months ago, the cashier at London Drugs snapped my license in half by accident when she checked my signature.

So, I went to the Driver's Services office in Langley and was told it would take about an hour. I didn' want to wait an hour so I went to the lab for my blood test and I pulled number 60. SIXTY. And they were only on number 46 ... I left. And drove to the Cloverdale Driver's Services office, not wanting to waste good hair.

After I picked up groceries for my mom I stopped in to visit. Lawrie, the nurse, and Jennifer, the homecare worker, both agreed my hair looked fabulous. I can hardly wait to see my new driver's license.

I left after an hour, and picked the kids up from school. And finally, at 3pm - after fasting for 18 hours - I had three vials of blood removed from my body.

Finally acting on the advice of three separate friends, I walked over to Well Beings and asked the owner if she had anything for someone feeling stressed.
"Can you tell me in a nut shell, what happened that has increased your stress levels?"
She stopped what she was doing, put her hand on my arm and looked me in the eye.
"Well, my dad was recently diagnosed with Alzheimers and my mom is recovering from bowel surgery and I've been helping out ..."
"Your dad. Any frontal lobe damage?"
How did she guess? how could she possibly have known? Tears fill my eyes as I nod.
"And you have children? Teens?"
"Three..." I nod.
"And now I've made you cry. Here, let me hug you."
She wrapped both arms around me and held on.
"You need to let it out. Don't be afraid to cry. It's very good for you."
I return her hug and give her a squeeze.
"And you must let people hug you."

So I've got some Holy Basil to uplift, calm and balance my mood and elevate my spirit. And some Vitamin B for Stress and Nerve protection. And at night, I'm to take 3 - 4 tablets of Brad King's "Ultimate Anti-Stress" which will improve sleep, reduce cortisol levels and REDUCE ABDOMINAL FAT.
Apparently I'll feel like a new person in one day.

And that was it.
That's all I did today.
Oh, and I watched The Family Man with Nicolas Cage this evening.
I like the line, "I choose us." When faced with a decsion regarding their relationship, marriage, family ... someone had to sacrifice something and they did so, saying, "I choose us."

When the movie was over, I called Drew into the family room.
"Can I hava hug?"
"Get a boyfriend."
"Funny you should mention that. Someone's trying to set me up on a date ..."
"Tell them to get lost, you're not interested," he said as he walked over to hug me ...

Three things I'm thankful for:
1. I had a good hair day.
2. Kids got their report cards, between the two of them, they are only failing two subjects.
3. All three boys are staying at my parent's place with me tomorrow night.


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ThreeGirlyGirls said...

Hi! I found your blog through CWO and I loved your profile!! =) You are a very good writer! loved reading! Will be back!