Friday, November 16, 2007

Help Wanted:

1. While my mom recovers from surgery ( 6 - 8 weeks) we are looking for homecare help 7 days a week. Rather than having a huge rotation of random people, our prayer is that 2 people would share these hours: Mon - Fri 2 - 6 pm and Sat/Sun 10 - 6 pm. Duties would include changing the tapes in the VCR, sweeping up the peanut shells and potato chip crumbs from the floor, grilling a cheese sandwich now and then, ordering in pizza, heating up a delivered dinner, playing a game of pool or watching old movies with my dad and keeping the pop fridge loaded. While this does sound like a job a 12 year old could handle, we are looking for someone who is mature and is comfortable around folks with health issues. Pay is $18 hour. Or negotiable.

2. We are going to be putting in a small, tasteful, private suite above the garage as soon as possible. By January we won't be needing the help described above (because my mom will be able to make supper again) but we are looking for live in help ... mostly so that they won't be alone on the property. Again, duties would be very light - they already have a cleaning lady, and a lawn-cutting service helping out. Mostly we want to know that if mom needs a break or some help, there would be a friendly face just a stairway away.

We've hired a RN to help out 4 hours a day during the week, and she'd "train" the new help, so that there would be continuity of care.

If you can think of anyone that would be suitable, could you forward this message to them? Even if you don't know anyone, maybe forward it to some friends or relatives who might know someone?
If you have any ideas for me, please email me at:


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