Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Well this is harder than I thought it'd be

If you've been praying for us, please don't stop.
Specifically, we could use God's hand in the following ways:
For my mom -
1. That her nausea would subside
2. That she would be able to swallow and keep down her meds
3. That she would be cared for by competent, graduated, experienced nurses with compassion
4. That her pain would lessen so significantly that she would be able to manage it without morphine
5. That the infection they are watching for would never happen
6. That she would truly use this time in the hospital to recover and heal and NOT sit there worrying about dad
7. That her health would be completely restored

For my dad -
1. That his mind would settle and he would be filled with peace regarding mom. This has been very hard on his mind and heart.
2. That his cough would heal
3. That he would completely forget those events from his past that are still causing him pain
4. That God's will be done

For us caregivers -
1. That we would have patience
2. That even though we are swimming in an ocean of sadness, there would be joy-filled moments in each day
3. That our other responsibilites would be taken care of so that we can give dad and mom our best care for this season
4. That God would direct us to the right agency and the right person to help us through this.


Three things I'm thankful for:
1. That mom and dad live in this house. I could not image doing this in the old farmhouse.
2. That Arrow has been wonderfully supportive in this. I gave no notice and simply said I'll not be in for 2 weeks.
3. For all the friends who have phoned and emailed. Sorry if I end up crying when we talk on the phone, and sorry if I haven't responded to your emails. This is all overwhelming and for the first time in a long time I wish I had a partner. A guy with broad shoulders and an easy going sense of humor who would love me through this season and help me smile when it feels like there's nothing worth smiling about. A guy who doesn't mind drippy eyes. A guy who loves my parents enough to hang out with them while they're a little bit broken.

I miss my kids.

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Anonymous said...

I will add my prayer to those already praying for you. God bless you and your family.