Thursday, December 13, 2007

Almost out of battery power -

- and I'm all settled in bed so I don't want to go downstairs to get the power cord.
Besides, the DVD player is fired up right beside me and another episode of Grey's Anatomy is calling my name.

McDreamy really is kinda perfect. I'm not into his hair. Or this business of sex before marriage. But he does always seem to say Just The Right Thing.

I was at Chapters today. For a long while. Heaven will have the biggest bookstore. Heaven will BE the biggest bookstore. At one point I had, like, over a dozen books in my arms. I eventually put most of them back, but, oh the longing...

Based on Dooce's description of bat poo, I bought this while at Costco today. Clint was all in favor. From a geeky, video editing, camera toting, point of view. Max on the other hand, can hardly wait til I give him this for Christmas.

Speaking of Christmas, apparently it's only 12 days away? I am SO not ready. Mind you ... what do I have to get ready? I have very few people to buy for and one dinner to attend. No big deal, actually. And then on the 26th the kids leave for Sunpeaks and don't come home til Jan 6... leaving me to gorge on chick flicks in a very clean house for 10 days.

Still haven't gotten anywhere on that Single Parenting article. After they eliminated 90% of the words I wrote for the last piece I submitted, I'm a all apprehensive about trying again.

Three things I'm thankful for:
1. This day has ended well.
2. Instead of calling my dad, I called my brother... "Hi. The toilet in the boys' bathroom is leaking. What do I do about that?" My dad would have been over in 20 minutes. My brother made a note in his daybook to drop by sometime before Christmas. I'm thankful there's someone in the family to pick up the look-after-Jane's-home-repairs baton.
3. I am loved.



raych said...

About the Planet Earth? You will not regret it. Ever. Joel and I have dates that begin with 'What do you want to do?' and invariably end with 'Want to borrow Steve's Planet Earth?'

Also, the Blue Planet (like Planet Earth, but under water) is wicked.

Tricia said...

I wish we lived closer. I've been bemoaning my lack of Christmas events, we could have a chic flick party together, and I could make all the yummy food I'm longing to make but haven't because there is no one to party with me.
So can ya tell I'm feeling sorry for myself?