Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Back to Normal

Food tastes good again.
Kids are back to arguing about homework and chores.
I went to work for a few hours.
I'm praying for things other than just my mom and dad.

I guess the crisis is over.

My mom asked me to pass along her heartfelt, sincerest thanks for praying for her and my dad. Internet, you are da bomb. Thank you for loving on us while we fell apart.

My mom is getting stronger. My dad has stabilized. I'm not crying every 10 minutes anymore. The recycling has not been taken out. The caregivers are finding their groove. And I'm staying up late again.

You know how, when someone goes on a missions trip, it is assumed they'll come back 'changed'? I was thinking that the events of November would 'change' me ... that once the dust settled, I'd be a different person. A thinner one. A more patient one. An inspired-to-eat-better one. A not-sweat-the-small-stuff one. A more loving one.

I think it'd suck, to have gone through all that angst, only to come out the other side just as stupid as you were going in. Please, God, help me to have learned something from that whole experience. Please make it count for something significant. Were Your purposes accomplished?

Three things I'm thankful for:
1. I entered a photo contest this evening. Yay. Cross another thing off my list of 101 Things to do in 1001 Days.
2. Yay. The MB Herald is printing a pared down version of my "Getting the Boot" submission. No idea what will end up being published. Didn't get a heads up this time.
3. Clint (!) suggested to me that I donate some of my photos (enlarged and framed) to an Art Auction designed to raise money for a youth thing at his church. I'm honored that he'd think my pics were good enough.


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