Saturday, December 1, 2007

It took an hour ...

But help did arrive.

Have I mentioned that I hate snow?
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We're at my dad and mom's place right now (Me, Clint, Max, Drew, Zac, Chad, and John) taking our turn to stay for night.
Clint will be using my truck tomorrow to go back to Langley, to get his gear and a friend, and then go to Seymour. To snowboard.
(His truck is going to need some repairs before it can be driven.)
The rest of the guys and I will be 'stranded' here all day.
"I'm taking my truck to Sunpeaks and Fernie" he warned. "I'm NOT taking your truck..."
Why do people have children?
Three things I'm thankful for:
1. All 6 guys are in the kitchen, looking for snacks, being all nice and safe.
2. I bought new tires for my truck, got the brakes fixed, the fluids topped, and the burnt out lights replaced.
3. Clint wasn't hurt in today's mishap.

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