Monday, December 3, 2007

So, we're 3 days into this brand new month. The month that's supposed to be better than November ...

Let's see.
So far:
1. We've had 48 hours of snow falling. (Some people see the snow, and break out in smiles. They envision nothing but fun ... snowmen, sledding, snow mobiling, snowball fights, snow angels, hot chocolate, mittens, brightly coloured scarves ...) I just get paralyzed with dread.

2. While the snow was falling, Clint ended up in the ditch, causing thousands of dollars of damage to his truck. Dad's truck, mostly useless in the snow, but the only "spare" vehicle in the family, had a completely dead battery. Mom's car, a low rider, could no way plow through the 15 inches of snow that fell. In one weekend, we lost the use of 3 vehicles.

3. A power outage in Surrey, on the first night dad and mom planned on sleeping alone, made for a not-too-restful night.

4. And then today, day 3 of December, we had a record rainfall and balmy temperatures... 12 degrees! Flooding everywhere. Not a stictch of snow to be found; it all melted. This evening? The winds. Oh my goodness, the winds. At 8 pm - my power went out. Max and Drew were at their dad's. And Clint was at work, so I put on my shoes and went to Walmart which is open til 10 pm. I thought I'd get myself a pair of boots. Or shoes. Something for my feet. I went to the Women's Shoes aisle and could not find a single pair of casual shoes in size 7. Not a single pair. ALL SOLD OUT. Same with boots. Lots of 6's and 9's, but nothing in between. Nothing. So I went to the department that sold the gift that Drew pointed out to me that my mom could get him for Christmas. Sold out. So I went to the boys' clothes area, to buy boxers for Drew. They were SOLD OUT of his size. I walked over to the seasonal section to pick up a door hanger (it's a hanger that you hook a wreath on) for my front door. They were sold out. The kids had mentioned some video games they'd like to have ... again - SOLD OUT. I was there for 2 hours, and bought nothing.

Bah Humbug.

Three things I'm thankful for:
1. My power was on when I got home. We replaced the battery in dad's truck. And the snow is gone.
2. Sunny, clear skies are on their way.
3. Things can only get better.


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Tricia said...

It never snows here. Just sayin.
I told you, God put Walmart on earth to give us a glimse of what hell is like.