Tuesday, December 18, 2007

The Weekend That Was

I spent most of it in bed watching Grey's Anatomy with my personal DVD player on my lap and earphones wrapped around my head. In my own little world I was.

I miss being a family.

You know, doing stuff as a family, with other families...

This business of kids having their own lives, sucks. Everyone doing their own thing, going their own way, is crappy. Being single this time of year bites too. Am I feeling sorry for myself? I think I am.

Friday night, Max had a friend over. He told me he would only have friends over if I wasn't hovering over them. None of his friends have their parents in the same room when they game or watch a movie. So I went to my room and watched Meredith and Derek flirt. I watched many, many hours of this, finally turning them off at 4 am.

Grrr. At 9 am the roof inspector came by to take a peek at my roof.

"Oh, did I wake you up?" he asked.

"Hmmpgffft" I replied.

"I'll only be 5 minutes" he assured me.

"Errrmmphffft." I replied.

I went back to bed til 1.

My brother showed up at 1:02 with wax rings and shiny things.

"Which toilet is leaking?" he asked.

I point upstairs.

He fixed the toilet, the broken hinges on three windows, and other odd malfunctioning items in my home. He left at 4 and I decided I should probably have a shower and get dressed.

I drove the kids to their youth event at 7 and was at a loss as to what to do. Sometimes Saturdays suck.

I ended up at Guildford Mall. Ate chinese food at the food court. Bought the kids more gifts even though I was finished buying for them. Stopped in to see dad and mom, who were in good spirits ... then I drove back to Langley to pick up Drew. When we got home he needed the family room TV to play Halo. And he needed my laptop to communicate with 53 people on MSN. So I went up to my room and watched more Grey's Anatomy til 3 am. Clint needed to talk then, so I paused the DVD and listened to him as he paced in my room til 4:15 am.

I ventured out of my room after that and saw that Max and Zac were sleeping in the family room, Drew was sleeping in his room, and Clint was back on his computer, so I finished watching the episode on pause. Then watched one more for good measure. I fell asleep sometime after 5:30 am.

With a bagged out, crumpled up face, I roused everyone up for church at 10:00.
And then the fun began.
Drew ended up going to one church with an 18 year old girl and warned me not to follow them. Clint refused to go to church, seeing he works in one everyday. And Max took forever to get ready. FOREVER.

We finally left the house at 11:15 am and headed to Southgate, because we would be the least late at their service. I pulled into the parking lot at 11:24 and jumped out of my dad's pick up truck and landed on a pile of old, dirt-covered snow, left over from last week's snowfall and immediately lost balance and fell. On the pile of dirt-covered snow. My pants got wet and dirt-covered, as did my hands.

No way this crumple-faced, dirt-covered, grouchy, soggy 46 year old woman and her hasn't-showered-in-many-days 17 year old son was going to visit this pentacostal church ...
"We're going home," I said to Max as he came from behind the truck.
"Serious?" he asked. After all. I had just had a melt-down at home about the importance of us attending church.
"I fell, and I'm wet. And I'm dirty."
"Was it your hip? Your bad one? Is it OK?"
(I love that this was his reponse.)
"I'm fine. We're 15 minutes late, which is bad enough. Showing up wet and dirty is just too much."

So we went back home. I crawled back into bed and slept til 3 pm.

At 5 pm we, all four of us, like a real family, went to Murrayville Church's final event; the Christmas Banquet. There was, maybe 50 of us there? It was over by 7:15 pm. Drew had a friend over. And they played Halo on the family room TV. Max went to a movie with a friend. And Clint went to Surrey. So I went to my room, got into bed and watched more episodes of Grey's Anatomy. At 11 pm I finished season 2, so I zipped down to Roger's to return the 3 disks I had and to rent the first two disks of season 3.

And then came home and started to watch.

It's an addiction.
I need help?
No, I just need to finish season 3.


Tricia said...

But its such a lovely addiction, says she who has many episodes memorized line by line.

signing as said...

your blog reminds me of me sometime ago. love greys anatomy too