Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Getting Ready ...

... for an eventual sleepover.
How hard could that be? Well, shopping is not my favorite activity. And malls are not my favorite place to hang out.
So there was no joy in the process.
I chose to go to Guildford, because I seemed to recall seeing a store across from the food court that sold "Lingerie 14+"
But when I went in, there was no lingerie. No pajamas. No nightwear. No sleeping clothes.
I wandered the mall aimlessly, desperately looking for an establishment that would sell me pajamas. I did not want a nightie. Or a nightshirt. I have those. And they are not cool. Apparently.
In order to be like the cool girls, I need pajamas.
And, seeing I'm a hefty gal, I need a plus size.
Truth be told, I need a huge size, because I like loose night clothes.
And my only stipulation is that they not be flannel.
So I went looking (hunting) for size Triple Extra Large.
In all of the entire mall, I found 3 pairs in 3XL.
I bought them all:

Yes, these are SpongeBOB Square Pants PJ's. What am I? Three years old? I could not believe that these were in the fat lady section. Honestly, they have the most ridiculous clothes for those of us who are chunky.

I loved the soft yellow colour of these. The saying was applicable, so I bought them as well.

These ones were my favorite. The bottoms are shorts, and the top is a tank. Seeing I'm always so warm, I figure these'll be my favourites.
Unfortunately, I made the mistake of washing them this evening. I wanted them to be soft when I wore them the first time.
All three pairs have shrunken so significantly, that I can barely get the tops over my head. And once I do, wow. Talk about skin tight and short. (Think Winnie the Pooh with his belly poking out.)
This is all very upsetting.Posted by Picasa

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raych said...

But the grey ones look so cozy! I have a skirt with that exact design, but in red, and I love it. I'm sorry they shrunk.