Sunday, January 20, 2008

Sunday Drive

Did you know that The Predator was filmed in Puerto Vallarta? I didn't either!
But it was. And when filming was finished, they left the helicopter in the jungle. So the Mexicans built a restaraunt around it. And invited cruise ships' day trippers to come and see:

Felt like a small, inexpensive, not-Disney, theme park.Posted by Picasa
Today was Wayne's day off. He unselfishly offered to drive us down the coast highway and into the jungle to see some sights today. I took close to 500 photos. What a great day.

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Christine Lindsay said...

Man, alive. I miss your blog for a few days, okay maybe a week, and then I find out you're in Mexico. Whoa. Talk about globe trotter. But you needed it. Enjoy, and hoping you have a wonderful time.