Monday, January 28, 2008

Something else I'm keeping ...

Proof that Mark and I singlehandedly kept Canada Post alive during the '70's.
Wow. Did we ever send each other alot of letter and cards. LOTS of cards.
We kept Hallmark afloat those years as well.
Just a small sampling ...

Looking back, I guess it was sort of appropriate that we ended our marriage with letters, because that's how we started our relationship in the first place.

Did you see the movie PS I Love You?
That's how Mark used to sign his cards to me too...
(Click on pic)
Last night, Max wandered into my room while I was in the midst of purging.
"Mom? What are you doing?"
"Cleaning out boxes from my closet."
"Is this a good thing? Are you OK?"
"Yup. This was long overdue. I don't need all this stuff weighing me down."
Then this afternoon, Clint observed the growing pile of papers and books in the upper hall.
"Doing a major clean?"
"Uh huh."
"I bet you've got a full metric ton of junk and paper in this house."
"Could be."
"I'm glad you're getting rid of it."
"Me too."
And this afternoon, when I was sorting through (what I hope is) the last of it, Drew came in.
"Did dad draw this?"
"Wow. He was good, eh?"
"Uh huh. He probably still is. He writes great poems too."
"No way."
"He sure did."
And then he looked through the cards I was boxing up and got a glimpse of the boy his dad used to be.
Seems appropriate that I get all this sorted out at the start of this year.
It would have been our 25th anniversary.

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i'm hugging you jane