Saturday, January 12, 2008

No point going to bed.

I've still got two articles to write for work, dry the last load of laundry, leave lists for my boys who will be going on their own adventures in the next day or two, and clear off the dining room table so that Mandi and her friends have a big surface to do homework on. I've made peace with the realization that I will be leaving behind a very dusty house. Mandi can write me notes in it.

At 8:42 pm, I rushed down to Sears to buy myself some luggage. The last time I purchased suitcases was in 1979 and it doesn't have wheels. I've borrowed my mom's rolling suitcase (pictured above. It's the cute little one in the middle) for the last few trips I've been on, but it seemed too small this time.

And now that I put hers in between the pieces I bought, I can see why I had a hard time getting everything packed. The gal at Sears recommended I take the big one on the left to Mexico, but I don't think I even own enough clothes to fill that puppy up. So I'm taking the one on the right. And even that has some leftover room.

K. I better write those articles. I'm finding it hard to concentrate though. The kids have "Alien" playing on the TV behind me, my mind is already on that airplane, in the window seat (ugh) 15F, and I'm tired.

Three things I'm thankful for;
1. I'm going to a land filled with sunshine and tacos.
2. I have suitcases with wheels.
3. My kids are excited about their holidays too. Win. Win. Win.


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Anonymous said...

Have a great time. I landed up in row 10A = window seat beside mother with baby. I kept the window shutter closed and the kid was good. I survived. One more trip accomplished.