Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Ack. I've used up 85% of my space on this blog.

Too many pics.
Not enough prose.
I tried a new way of uploading photos tonight (thanks, Andie) - so maybe I'll be able to keep this blog going for a few more months.
Do you know what's on TV at this hour?
"How It is Made". I love this show.
Tonight I've watched football helmuts and steel guitars being put together.
Anyway, today.
I stopped by Blessings today and picked up these two books:

Talk about gems!
What things should kids see and do? What things should teens know how to do?
Stuff like this:
They should know how to pop a wheelie.
They should know how to use soap. All over their body.
They need to sleep outside and watch for falling stars.
They should know that sometimes life takes working two jobs.
They should know that if someone says, "I have an emotional wall I put up to keep from getting hurt", they're dealing with a loon and should move on.
They should know that mould and mildew are evidence their place is becoming a toxic dump.
Maybe I'll post a couple everyday, so you'll know if you're doing a good job raising yours.
Three things I'm thankful for:
1. IT WAS SUNNY AGAIN TODAY! (Sorry, was I shouting?)

2. The avocadoes I bought a few days ago were perfectly ripe today.

3. I went for another walk this evening.

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Anonymous said...

Hasn't it been wonderful walking weather -- I love it! Absolutely love the egg wreath and would love to read tidbits from the 2 books.