Saturday, February 16, 2008

Happy Birthday to Rose, Happy Birthday to Rose

Rose, the one who invited me to Puerto Vallarta, had a birthday on Friday.
So I invited her and a few of our mutual friends up to the cabin on Friday for a girl's overnighter.
Terry brought up a pot of the MOST delicious chicken chile. (This photo does not do it justice...) Trust me, it was Dee Lish. And colorful. Very colorful ... many, many vegetables in it.
Again, as was the case in Mexico, there was something awesome about each of us contributing to the meal, bringing plates to the table, then eating and conversing for a long time. A long time.
Afterwards, we did stuff.

And things.

This is Maxine, getting assaulted by Sandra, who wanted all of us to exfoliate our lips. First she attacked us with cleanser, then ..

... she smeared some white sh... er crap all over them and insisted we not talk til it dried.
Once it had cemented our lips shut, we were to scrape it off then apply lip balm.
I was not a willing participant, however that did not deter her.
My lips are, apparently, ultimately more kissable now.
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Tricia said...

This sounds like what I do to my friends. Sandra and I must be kindred spirits.