Monday, February 4, 2008

"Someone broke into our house last night," my mom says.

My kids and I were having Chinese Food with them when mom started talking.
"Wha? When? Were you home? Or at the Spaghetti Factory?" I asked.
"We were at home. In bed. Sleeping."
"Are you OK? Whadid they take? How'd they get in?"
"I forgot to lock my car last night, so they opened the car door, and rummaged through all my papers and junk, and found the garage door opener tucked underneath it all. They opened the garage door and went in."
"Did they take the dune buggy?" (Because that would be awesome. That was one of my dad's last impulsive purchases before his brain cells started exploding and none of us know what to do with it.)
"No. When dad woke up this morning, he looked out his window and saw the garage door left open, the lights in the garage on, and one of his tools in the driveway. So we checked it out, and the only thing missing was the baking, lasanga, chicken pot pies and whole chicken from the fridge out there. "
"You have got to be kidding."
"Nope. They opened every cupboard out there, left all the doors open, obviously saw all dad's tools, and the monkey (minibike) - but didn't touch any of it. Just took some of the food from the fridge. They didn't even take the beer."
"They left the beer? That doesn't even make sense."
"They were probably underage," my dad comments.

My dad commented.
This is the first time I've heard him track a conversation and interject a thought that was appropriate (or in this case, interject a thought that was kinda funny...) in two months. Of course, that was the only thing he said all night other than mention that he was going to buy his baby t-bird in July. (He usually mentions that about 14 - 19 times an hour. Lately that's been the only thing he says.)

Anyway, they checked the rest of the garage, as well as the suite above it, and nothing else was missing. Just frozen food. Their first thought was that Max and Zac had driven over during the night to prank them ... but eventually they realized it was a real break in. So they called the police to report it.
"You had the world's dumbest thieves stop by," the police concluded after hearing the story.

Thank you God for keeping dad and mom safe last night. Thank you for allowing hungry, not dangerous thieves to break in. Thank you that a lesson was learned (always lock your car door) with minimal damage occuring. God, if You have someone in mind to live in that suite with them, please work that out in Your time. Thank you for the work that is going on in dad's head. Please be with the doctor's as they try to figure out what's what. Amen.

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