Friday, February 1, 2008

There are 6 Teenaged Boys in my Family Room

They're watching Lord of the Rings - the second one. They've all seen it a number of times, so they are having conversations during all the dialogue parts. Most of their talk is about Nintendo games so I mostly tuned them out. But just minutes ago, talk of weddings occured much to my delight.

"You should get married with this sword," one of the guys says to the sword owner. (Yes, there is a sword with sharp blades in my house. A recent prized purchase by one of the boys.)
"Barried?" someone asks.
"No, married."
"Buried works too, though..." it is suggested.
("Married. Buried. Same thing." I'm thinking to myself.)
"Married? Like walk down the aisle with it?"
"Yeah, and instead of kissing the bride, she kneels at your feet and bows her head and you knight her."
"I'm not sure that'd fly," I interject.
"Knight her... "
"No, instead of kissing the bride, you should engage in combat."
"No, that's how you get engaged. Instead of asking her dad for permission, you sword fight him to the death. You get his daughter if you win..."

And then talk moved on to sword fighting moves and I lost interest.

It's Friday night. I thought I'd spend the evening in my pantry heaving out stuff that's taking up valuable shelf space. But here it is 8:00 and I find I'm just not interested. I've eaten a bag of those mini Cream Eggs and read three trashy magazine's stories on Heath Ledger. I'm still sad he's gone.

Know what?
It's hard to go for a walk, remember to take vitamins, have devotions and read for a few hours everyday if you're not on a holiday. Doing life is very time consuming.

Three things I'm thankful for:
1. After a tough end-of-semester week, it's nice to hear laughter in this house again.
2. I actually finished something at work today. Yay. All the January postings got done.
3. I can sleep til I'm not sleepy tomorrow.

By the way, Tricia and I have decided to add photos to our photo blog.
And I've updated the Murrayville church blog as well.

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