Thursday, February 28, 2008

Wok and Tok

The PERFECT evening for a walk along the beach. No rain. No breeze. No snow. No kids to make a meal for. (Clint and Max are in Big White, snowboarding with Youth Church. Drew was at a friend's house.) It was lovely.
An evening like this brings hope that good things are just around the corner.
God? Thank you.
Thank you for holding us up through that long winter season.

God? You are awesome.

Thank you for being creative.

God? Could you protect Max and Clint this weekend from snowboarding injuries? Please park a few of your angels on their boards so they won't be riding alone.

And God? My dad? Your will be done. We release him into your care, and pray that You will give his doctors wisdom, give my mom patience, and give us peace.

Please show me which church You have picked out for us. Show Max and Drew, too, OK?

Thank you. Thank you for this home, my job, my family and my friends. Thank you for beaches and the moon. Thank you for flip flops and Sponge Bob pajamas. Thank you for fresh, safe, clear, clean drinking water. Thank you for the friends you have handpicked for my kids.

Jesus? Thank you for dying for me.Be with Simon as he leads the youth this weekend. Fill him with your Spirit, give him an abundance of strength, courage and joy.


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