Saturday, March 29, 2008

And, the weekend is underway:

I thought I had rented this Elizabeth:

But instead, just now, I realized I rented this Elizabeth:

They both are called "Elizabeth", they both star Cate Blanchett and Geoferry Rush and this was the only one on the "New Releases" shelf at my little video store. Someone filed the wrong DVD with the wrong cover.) And I would never have know if I hadn't blogged about it.
There are TWO Elizabeth movies, people.

"The worst Holocaust movie ever."
I agree. 0 out of 5.
SO bad that I couldn't even find a decent sized movie poster of it on the interweb.
Note: At my video store, it's called "The Couple". On the internet it's referred to as "The ARYAN Couple".
Again; confusing this business of naming movies.



"Charming fable about three misfits who overcome personal and social isolation and learn the meaning of friendship and community in the unlikely place of rural New Jersey."
It was a soothing movie to watch. 4 out of 5.
For those of you stopping by to get updates on my dad:
He spent the afternoon at home, smiling non-stop, as he looked at his jewelry, his mouldings, his VHS versions of Shane and Against All Odds, and the cat. He was out of his hospital pajamas and wearing my old Goofy sweatshirt and a pair of black sweats. He was happy.
At 6:00 I picked dad and mom up from their place after they had a much-requested (by him) perogie dinner and chauferred them over to the front entrance of the hospital. Mom escorted him back to his room where he collapsed onto his bed, exhausted but thrilled that he'd been home. Mom and I stopped at Guildford for a quick bite in the food court, then we sat in her driveway while I sobbed because sometimes a person just needs to cry to their mom.
Tonight mom is going to take him to the Spaghetti Factory at 4:30pm for an early bird supper. It's been 6 weeks since their last meal there, and he has missed their weekly visit. Those of us who are can, are going to join them.
In the meantime, I've got laundry to do. And dishes. And floors. And bathrooms. And whatnot.
Happy Saturday ...

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raych said...

Firstly, WHAT possessed Cate Blanchett to be Elizabeth TWICE? It boggles the mind. Secondly, I'm so glad your dad had a nice home-date. I'm praying for strength for you and yers.