Thursday, March 6, 2008

Ellie? Naomi? Aunt Margaret?

Wow. Thanks for commenting, Ellie.
Internet? Meet Ellie, my cousin from Manitoba.
Ellie? Welcome to my blog.

And Ellie? Or Naomi (my other cousin from Manitoba) - I just got in and have a message from your mom on my voice mail. Can you pass along this message to her?

My dad (internet? My Aunt Margaret is my dad's twin sister. Just so you know) is still at the Surrey Hospital. He will likely be in there for at least another week, I would think. His doctor is optimistic that he will recover from this episode, but it will take time. He still has the heart thing. And the brain thing. (Alzheimer's?) And the liver thing ... but if there are no further complications, he should get strong enough to go back home.

How are you all doing?

Right. Maybe my blog isn't the best place to have this conversation. :)
Email me at ojane at shaw dot ca when you get a chance.

Now on to my real post...

I laughed today.
Really really laughed. So hard that tears made my face sopping wet.
Being with someone who is laughing uncontrollably does that to me.

We were at the Fundy presentation of High School Musical. It was so much fun. (But a little embarassing. I sat behind the kids' teacher - the one that is super friendly and awfully nice and emails me everyday to let me know my kids haven't done their homework. I want to tell him that I was a good student; a straight A student. He would have loved being my teacher. I want to tell him I'm sorry that he has the thankless job of trying to educate my boys. I want to tell him I really am a half-ways decent mother, he's not to judge my parenting skills on how my kids are during their teenaged years. Look at Clint. These other two will come around. Too bad none of their teachers will be seeing it. Sigh. ) Anyway, getting back to the musical... It brought back memories for me, as just about every grade 12 student that was in the play was on the Europe trip with me back in '05.

So after 6 days of being immersed in health crisis crappola - I took a break from it all and laughed. It was lovely. I even managed to fit in a walk today; Thursdays really are the best day that God ever created.

Three things I'm thankful for:
1. Yay. Mom will be getting her reversal surgery MONTHS before we thought she would.
2. I have a sister. And she is awesome. (Jul? I need a haircut...)
3. Casual Friday tomorrow. Jeans and runners. Just watch how productive I am in jeans and runners.

Shalom, friends. And thanks for praying.

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