Thursday, March 20, 2008

I have paternal cousins

My dad has a twin sister and an older brother. Who, like my dad, had three kids each.
My Manitoba cousins, whom I saw once a year on their annual summer trek to BC in the 70's, but lost touch with about 20 years ago, have said "hi" in the comments section of this blog. Weird, but very cool to reconnect with Ellie and Naomi.

My German cousins, I saw less often. Maybe once every three or four years? And then, probably once every ten years? Other than the odd event (like a 50th wedding anniversary) we really have lost touch. Remember that huge papers(cardsandletters)purge from my closet a month ago? Well, in my collection was a stack of cards from my german cousin, Ruth. She had the coolest, most funky, most unique, totally awesome, completely perfect style of handwriting. She was a graphic design artist long before anyone knew what that was. I saved all her communication because it was ART. I loved looking at it. ANYway, imagine my shock when she left a comment this week.

The internet. It reunites families.

And seeing I'm going on about small worlds... Ruth's brother, Johnny (also my cousin, that's how families work) lives in the SAME town that John and Val (relatives from my mom's side) are living in for two years. In all of Europe - they are in the same town.
And Johnny's son? Moved to BC a few years ago. And he lives? RIGHT NEXT DOOR to John and Val's house in Greendale. In all of BC - they are next door neighbours.

Just thought I'd share that with you.
I was already in bed, but just had to, you know, get this off my mind.

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I miss you!