Tuesday, March 11, 2008

I'm bad at transitioning

Today I went from doing errands, to work, to the hospital, to the pub to celebrate Mandi's 19th birthday.

Didn't handle a single one of those transitions well. Didn't matter where I was, I was not fully engaged.

Nobody seems to be getting my best effort these days.

And my dad? Miracle #27 in that man's life ... looks like he's pulling through this latest crisis. Nothing has been said for sure - and what do I know? I'm just his daughter. But, still. He seems to be getting better, not worse.

My mom, on the other hand, is wiped. She's at home; sick and weak. She has lost 10 pound in 36 hours and I think we may have a long recovery time for her. Fingers crossed that she'll be strong enough for her surgery in 3 weeks.

I'm tired of thinking. Maybe I'll go watch a DVD.

Three things I'm thankful for:
1. My bed.
2. Ecclesiastes.
3. Baby Powder.


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