Thursday, April 10, 2008

They're doing fine.

He seems to have settled in, somewhat. At least that look of uncertainty and fear has mostly left his eyes.
It helps that he had a slew of visitors drop by today. Thank YOU to old friends who stopped in to make him laugh. You guys ROCK.
And mom?
Well she has had a hard time of it, no doubt.
A "practice" doctor was in charge of giving her an epidural, which unfortunately didn't work. So, once she came out of surgery and her anesthetic wore off, she was in extreme pain. Her pain on the pain scale was off the charts. It took 18 hours to get her hooked up to something she could administer herself and when I talked to her on the phone in the afternoon, she was pretty stoned.
Later in the evening, I dropped in to see her after spending a few hours with dad and she was melting. And itchy. And thirsty. And hungry. And uncomfortable. And weak. And achy.
I found a fan and set it up beside her bed, removed all the offensive bedding (anything rubberized or covered in vinyl) from her bed, rubbed her itchy back with a cool, damp face cloth then refilled her water cup so that she could swab the inside of her mouth with fresh water.
She is on the mend, but it's going to take awhile.
For those family members who live far, far away - here are some photos of the place where dad is hanging this week:
Yes, that IS a palm tree.
If he tried REAL hard, he could imagine he is in Palm Springs.Posted by Picasa

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