Wednesday, April 2, 2008

So it was April Fools Day today.

And I had this idea, last night at midnight, that I'd write this post about meeting a guy on November 3 at 3 am while I sat on the concrete bench in the lobby of the south wing of the Surrey Hospital waiting for my mom to have her perforated bowel surgery.

He would have been a doctor, a surgeon actually, taking a break after a particularly difficult procedure. We would have struck up a conversation, with him assuring me my mom was in good hands, and she'd be fine. It would turn out that he was a Christian, and before he left, he would have asked me if he could pray with me.

We wouldn't have kept in touch. In fact, I never even knew his name.

But in February and March, when I was back at the hospital everyday visiting dad, we would bump into each other in the hallway, and strike up a conversation. Three weeks ago, he saw me in the cafeteria buying a Hagen Daas ice cream bar for my dad and invited me to join him for a coffee. After that, we'd meet for a bottled water after every visit and talk. He would tell me about his days on the mission field, being a doctor in Africa. I'd tell him about my dad wanting to go to a car show in July.

When dad was released from the hospital on Sunday, I kinda thought it'd be over, but he called and asked me on a real date ... one that didn't involve antiseptic pump containers in the hallways or blue tie-up gowns. We went to White Rock for dinner at Giraffe's, then strolled along the boardwalk. And he held my hand. And we talked alot. And when he dropped me off, he asked if we could go around.

But instead of writing that pathetic story/fantasy - I simply changed my facebook status to say that I was in a relationship.

My inbox?
Filled with messages like these:

Is this relationship posting a April Fools Day joke???? I hope not. I've been praying hard for you these days about finding someone!!!:)

"Jane is now in a relationship"
I just interrupted the work conversation I was having (while looking at your facebook status) to do this weird indrawn breath thing and yelp "Jane's in a relationship!"...Is that april fools? Because if it isn't, you're gonna be hurt that I think you're joking when you say you are in a relationship. I shouldn't send this. I love you, even if you hate me now.

You are in a relationship? Tell me more! or just tell me to screw off. :)

oh, in a relationship, did you find someone at the hospital?????!!!!!

hahahaha, that was actually really funny.

So, there you have it.
Happy April Fools.

Three things I'm thankful for:
1. ANOTHER walk tonight. ANOTHER long, meandering all-through-Murrayville-walk... and we still weren't finished talking, so we went to Esquires til they closed. Oh my goodness, I do love me a good talk.
2. I had dad and mom over for dinner tonight... good to see him in clothes, upright, and feeding himself. He wanted to watch Rebel without a Cause and talk about the car show. But still. Things felt a little normal. Not a lot normal. Just a little normal.
3. There are daffodils growing in my yard. Bright, cheerful, yellow, promise-of-Spring daffodils in the dirt by my front window.

Prayer Requests...

If you've dropped by for an update on my dad and mom, could I ask you to pray for these things?
1. Mom will be going into Surrey Hospital for her reversal surgery on April 8. Please pray that there are no complications, that her suregeon this time around is just as skilled as Dr. Jansen was in November. Pray that she recuperates quickly and that her time in the hosptial is restful and reabiliating. Pray that once things get hooked up again, they start working with no messing around. Pray that she will not expend one ounce of energy worrying about dad.

2. Speaking of dad. Please pray for him during this time. Surrey Hospital has arranged for him to go into Respite Care while mom is at the hospital. He will be going to Delta-View, (where Hwy 99 and the Number 10 meet) for two weeks. Pray that he will be OK there. Pray that Jule and I will figure out a way to see him regularly (duh, yeah - that drive from here to there will take FOREVER...) Pray that we will feel released from the obligation of bringing him meals and staying for hours. Pray that he will be cared for by attentive, gentle, patient workers and that maybe he'll interact with other residents. And that he'll eat the food there. And that he won't be confused as to why he's there. And that he'll be interested enough in his surroundings that he'll do something besides watch Rebel without a Cause.

3. Praise God for Jared, who is moving into the suite and will be all settled in by the time mom and dad get home from their separate all-inclusive vacations courtesy of Surrey's Health Care system. Praise Him for Jared's ability, availability and willingness to help out as much as needed.


Clint just got home, walking all wonky with his head tilted at a weird angle. No. He's not drunk. He landed on his noggin while attempting a thing at Flip City and his neck hurts. "I can't move it. And it feels like someone gave me some freezing - like at the dentist, because this whole half of my head? I can't feel it."

Do I take him to Emergency? And spend the night waiting for X-rays? Yes? No? It doesn't seem OK to have a head that you can't feel.
How many nights have I spent in emergency in the past 4 months? Have you been counting?

Please pray for my boy. Pray that this isn't serious. He doesn't want to go the hospital tonight. He wants to play Mario.


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