Tuesday, April 29, 2008


Dad's potasium levels are back to the 'normal' range and his blood pressure is perfect. Yay. Oh yay.

For a guy who was 'pert near dead last Tuesday - he's done great.

When I brought him some dinner tonight, he said, "So. How's Jane?" And he sounded just like my old man from the good ol' days. He inititated the conversation. And it wasn't about a car show or a 57 T Bird. He wanted to know how I was and what my kids were up to. It's been so long ...

I talked to the nurses and it sounds like he can go home soon.


And I guess that's it. Unless you want to hear about my evening? The part that happened after the hospital visit?

Well, I dropped in at Sandra's house and we looked online at photos of celebrities who are in their late 50's and 60's to see how they're aging. Then we went into her family room to watch an episode of Planet Earth on their new entertainment equipment while sitting on their new sectional.

Between the three of us there were 4 remotes, 2 lightbulbs, 1 pair of reading glasses and a cordless telephone that was used to call for help. Finally their son in law came down in his PJ's to turn the TV on for us.

Getting old sucks.

Three things I'm thankful for:
1. Roses. Especially when someone special leaves them at the front door as a surprise.
2. Friends who are quick to come up with a Plan B when the original plan doesn't fly.
3. Doctors who really do know what they're doing.


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