Thursday, May 1, 2008

Miss me?

Sorry 'bout not posting last night.
Something came up.
Something like a new obsession.
Ever heard of "Arrested Development"?

Max, Drew and I watched 2 disks from season 1.

Now I have a new crush.
Jason Bateman/Michael Bleuth.
Three things:
1. Max is on the mend.
2. It's Thursday.
3. It's a brand new month, ripe with opportunities for joy, sparkling with the promise of hope.
(or as the kids say, "Peace Out".)


Tricia said...

Megan LOVES that show.

Rebekah said...

arrested development is TOP NOTCH. I watched the whole first season in one weekend. All the characters are just perfect. I'm sorry it got cancelled and is so short.