Thursday, May 29, 2008

Strawberry Tea

Have you ever been to South Delta Baptist's Annual Strawberry Tea?
Really? Never?
You should go ...
It is always SO good.
Hildegarde hosted a table again this year, and I always feel so honored to be invited. The theme was "Dressed to a Tea" and wow. Awesome, awesome, awesome set design. And I simply LOVED the graphics on the program and tickets:

We each received a cool silver-cased mirror. Almost too classy for me. I really should get a purse.
I brought my two chocolate dipped strawberries home so that I could photograph them. After I took this shot I ate them. Just so you know.
Did you know there are 12 body types? I never knew there were more than 2 (fat or not) - but tonight we learned about: apple, pear. cornet, hourglass, skittle, vase, lollipop, column, bell, goblet, cello, pear and brick. For visuals, go here.
I am round.
Like a beach ball.
So I guess that makes me an apple. (The least confident of all body types. Yay me.)
Anyway, back to tonight - they had a well done, very funny segment on What Not To Wear. And after that, the speaker, Shelley Leith, shared her thoughts on the masks we wear to deal with self esteem and identity issues. (I just spent half an hour at her website when I added that link. Her daughters have blogs. So I had to read them.)
Speaking of websites, Clint now has one, sort of. He's part of Jon's team ... go here and hava look.
Getting back to tonight. The best part? Was reconnecting with old friends. LOVE that.
Y a w n
I'm done for today.
Oh. Probably should mention that I won that Scrabble game I was telling you about the other day. So we started another one. His first word? Used all his letters and he got 80 points for the word grushie. His second word was swathed for a bunch more points. By the time I was taking my second turn the score was 140 to 14. I'm not having as much fun as before.
Three things I'm thankful for:
1. Fun, inspiring evening filled with laughter and conversation.
2. No buyer's remorse. Still lovin my furniture.
3. Got some great upcoming evenings planned... anyone want to go to Regent to hear the guy who wrote The Shack?


Anonymous said...

Would love to hear the guy who wrote "the schack". What night?

Jane said...

Tuesday, July 3 at 8 pm. Carolyn and I are going. Want to come?

Jane said...

My bad.
Tuesday JUNE 3.
Like this coming up Tuesday.
Email me at