Friday, June 6, 2008

Afternoon Visit

After work I stopped by my parent's place to return their pick up truck to them. I was hoping to catch a ride to my mechanic's garage (to pick up my truck) with Zac n Max or Daryl n Mandi, who were also at the house putzing around, cleaning up stuff that dad and mom can't handle. So, while I waited, I took some photos of the cabinetry Kitchen Art Design supplied for their home. (Mandi is their web designer. Daryl is a salesman/kitchen designer.)

While I had my camera out, I took a few other pics as well. It happens that way sometimes. I can't control it.

The living room (front parlor):

Kitchen sink:
The custom bookshelves Daryl designed for mom's den:

Kitchen cabinets:


I took alot of detail shots. Won't bore you by posting them. They may end up on Kitchen Art's website though...

The folks:

Looking good, eh?

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