Monday, June 2, 2008

I Did It

Today was my birthday.
Mostly it sucked.
Probably that was my fault ... I had expectations and you know how that goes.

So I did laundry, bought some bedding plants, read my Bible, did alot of praying, made supper, cleaned up supper dishes, and after picking up some groceries at 9 pm, I decided to do it.

I drove over to Colossus and bought a ticket for whatever show was playing next.
Turns out it was Iron Man:

I grew up today. I went to a movie by myself and enjoyed it thoroughly.


Anonymous said...

I've had to do that too once or twice in the last two years and I'm starting to enjoy my own company.
Go see Made of Honor! It was funny and cute and I loved it. The soundtrack rocked.

Tricia said...

I mailed you a birthday package on May 22....I thought for sure you would have gotten it by now :(
I've had some birthdays like yours, I'm sorry it sucked.
When you come to visit I'll make you a birthday cake.

Karyn said...

you did it!
I'm proud of you Jane. Not everyone can enjoy a night out with themselves. Consider yourself lucky.