Thursday, June 12, 2008

It Was Beautiful

The metaphors? Witty and original.
The sentences? Varied and interesting.
The tone? Heartfelt, humorous and real.
The topic? Timely and relevant.

Probably the best writing I've ever done.
When I hit the publish button I was a teensy bit proud. It was one of my better posts. Not all fluffly-look-at-my-thingsy-ish, but a peak into how things are these days. And I ended it with a long prayer.

But I lost the internet connection just as I hit publish and all my words vaporized. A sadness has descended over me as I grieve the post that has been lost.

I won't try to rewrite it. I poured my heart out once already. But I will redo my last prayer item...

Dear God,

Sandra's friend Mel needs to feel your healing touch. God? She's only 34. And they told her today to get her things in order and to prepare for paliative care. Only 6 months ... and there's nothing they can do for her. Cancer. God? If it's Your will that she be home with You, please give those who love her a deep, abiding peace about that. But if our prayers could move Your hand to heal her, then please hear our prayers. Heavenly Father, we know You love her. Please give her doctor's wisdom, give Mel freedom from pain, and give her family strength to deal with their grief. We release Mel into Your hands and pray Your will be done.


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