Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Last Weekend (In Pictures)

Friday Night was a big night for the extended Klassen family... another grandchild had successfully completed high school. It was commencement night, and a number of us gathered for photos with the graduating boy. His Opa and Oma drove over the Rockies from Alberta to celebrate.
But he got lost on the way to the auditorium and arrived, seconds before the processional.

This is Zac, getting dressed with the help of his teacher, while his family waits inside.

Congrats, Zac.

We're proud of you.

(Loved that these guys were holding the robe of the person in front of them... memories of kindergarten lineups.)

After I took a pitiful few photos, I relaxed at Maxine's house:

She did some cardmaking.

I burnt photo DVD's.

On Saturday evening, Sandra and I headed west and enjoyed the local cuisine -

There is NOTHING better than fish and chips at the beach. NOTHING.

This is, according to the sign, the White Rock "Quiet Zone".
It was lovely.

We walked til it got dark.
Which was after 9! Because it's almost summer!

I love these stairs.

And my kids? Where were they?
Not with me.
Because hanging with your mom is not cool.
Hanging with your grandma is OK though.
Hanging with someone else's mom is alright.

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