Saturday, July 5, 2008


On Tuesday night I dropped Drew off at my dad and mom's place so that he could stay there for an overnighter.

On Wednesday night, on my way home from the Ethiopian restaurant in Vancouver, I stopped by their place to pick him up. He wasn't there, they had driven him home earlier - but I stayed to chat for a few minutes.

Jane: Hi dad. Whacha watching?
Dad: Spartacus
Jane: Oh, that's a great movie.
Dad: Yeah.
He turns his attention back to the TV and I head to the living room to talk with mom.
Dad: Jane? You ever going to get married again?
Jane: Can't think of a reason I'd want to. Why? Should I?
Dad: You're still good enough.
Jane: If I did, would you walk me down the aisle?
Dad: I would walk you down the aisle.

Mom: He asked Drew this morning what he'd think if you got married again.
Jane: He's got more on his mind these days than just that 57 TBird ...

During the summer months I have Mondays and Fridays off. I know. Sweet.
So today was my day off.
Except it wasn't.
My new supervisor has moved to Abbotsford from Ontario and the Arrow cleaning crew (4 of us women and a VP) tackled the walls, floors, blinds, windows and bathrooms this morning. I don't even clean those things in my own home...

Anyway, I came home exhausted from all the physical activity (not to mention the very short nights I've had this week), so I took a nose dive into my couch and fell into a deep sleep in 30 seconds.

Uncle Johnny: Hello?
Dad: Anybody home?
Jane: Ohhhh, hi.
Dad: Didja have a good sleep?
Jane: Uh, yeah.
Uncle Johnny: I'm here to give you a new garberator. Brought your dad along. To get him out, you know? Do you have any paper to spread on the floor? This won't take long.

He sets a chair on the floor beside him and tells my dad to take a seat. Chattering as he works, he engages my dad in conversation while he explains what he's doing. He's on his knees, then his back, crawling under my kitchen sink and my whole body aches just watching him. His competence is a joy to behold.

Jane: I have three sons; one of them should be a plumber. One an electrician. And one an auto mechanic.
Dad: Or you could just get married.

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