Thursday, July 31, 2008

Finish these sentences:

(Yes, you. If you have a blog, do this too. Don't leave me dangling here all by myself being vulnerable and all-disclosure-like.)

I am blonde. On my head and in my heart.

I think tanned feet are sexy.

I know I'm not easy to live with. Jeesh. All that emotion.

I have a blessed life. And webbed toes.

I wish everyday was Thursday. And that I had settled us into a church the very next Sunday.

I hate my stomach, having to get up early and dirty toilets.

I miss Scrabulous on Facebook and my dad's big, happy, generous personality.

I fear that not everyone I love with be spending eternity in Heaven with me.

I smell fresh peaches, sliced limes and chocolate cupcakes.

I crave laughter with my kids.

I search the internet for things to do in Montreal and Quebec City that aren't sucky.

I wonder wonder wonder wonder, WHO. Who wrote the book of love? (No I don't. Just have that song stuck in my head.)

I regret not trying harder.

I love winning at Scrabble, going to movies, traveling with friends, watching the food network with my kids and taking pictures. Oh. And God. I love God.

I ache like a 72 year old arthritic woman waiting for knee and hip replacements.

I am not going out tonight. This will be my third consecutive evening at home. A record.

I believe that Jesus is God's son and that He died for my sins. This makes me a Christian.

I dance whenever Drew isn't watching.

I sing poorly but with enthusiasm.

I fight sometimes. And sometimes I just pray.

I cry often. Like, when I'm worshipping with thousands. Or when I'm singing the national anthem. Or during sad parts of a movie. Or happy parts. Or during sad parts of life. Or happy parts.

I win rarely. But that doesn't matter. I still like to play.

I lose self-confidence with every pound of weight I gain.

I never eat raisins.

I always wash my face twice a day.

I confuse my kids when I talk about feelings.

I listen. I really do. Tell me again.

I can usually be found in front of my computer. How sad is that? I wish I could be the sort of person who's answer would be: I can usually be found in the garden. Or I can usually be found in the care home, reading to the elderly. Or I can usually be found in the half-way house, caring for the orphans. But no. I can usually be found in the glow of a computer's monitor.

I need to get a pedicure. No really. I need to.

I am scared that my boys won't make good decisions.

I am happy and I know it, clap my hands. When am I happy? When I have a good hair day. When Max smiles. When Clint talks. When Drew shares.

I imagine a 'beach house' retirement.

'K. Your turn.

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Anonymous said...

If you're happy in front of your computer, then go for it! That's the way God made you! Linda