Saturday, July 12, 2008

Friday. Lovely, lovely, Friday...

The day was perfect.
I sat here for an hour or so.
I did my 30 minutes at Curves.
And then I went to help Brita celebrate her 50th birthday:
Their backyard was magical:
We were entertained by this young man who had a beautiful voice:
We watched Tim and Brita dance to his final song of the evening:
We enjoyed the antics of this young fellow (first he ripped a phone book in half)
... then he did some magic tricks -
This is Claire, (Tim and Brita's daughter)

And this is Ben (their oldest son):
And then? Then the dancing to hits of the '70's began:

And ended at 11 pm with YMCA.
Fun. Fun. Fun.
Now, much amidst much anger and more anger, I'm packing up a few things and taking my younger two offspring to the most dreadful place on earth. They are throwing things, being snide, and growling at me.
We will be at the cabin for 24 hours and you'd think I was forcing them to go to pick weeds and wash walls for the weekend.
This stage?
Can so be over.
Three things I'm thankful for:
1. Friends who turn 50 with big parties
2. Geraniums
3. Good books

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