Monday, July 7, 2008

Happy Birthday, Maxine

We celebrated Maxine's 47th birthday at The Vault: Which is a FABULOUS restaurant in Cloverdale. It used to be the Royal Bank, built, like 100 years ago or something, and it's now THE spot to hang out in that sleepy little town. Because there were six of us, we got to sit at the table in (IN) the actual vault. It was like eating in a concrete bunker (the walls were 12 inches thick). Very cool. Where the food was freakin delicous but the lighting was poor. (Or great, depending on your point of view.) Not bright enough to illuminate wrinkles, but too dark for 40-year-old-eyes to read the menus. This handy device was passed around the table. A credit-card-sized lighted magnifying glass. Cooler than Costco's 3-for-$20-reading-glasses.

After that we went to Brenda's new(ly renovated) house for dessert and chat.

No memo was sent.

Maybe all women over 40 just naturally wear black and white? (I'm not in any pics, but I too was coordinated.)
Project not quite finished. But, so far it's awesome.
Just look at this bathroom!

Love it.
Homemade dessert:

Rozann, adjusting her graduated lenses, because at first glance, the magnifying part of her glasses made the cake look 24 inches around ...
And the princess:
Fast asleep by 10 pm on the couch. We just kept on talking about children, facebook, Christianity and feelings over her snoring.
Three things I'm thankful for:
1. That I'm a woman
2. That I have friends
3. That my friends have birthdays

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