Thursday, July 3, 2008


Write Away Gang.
(Get it? WAG.)
These are my ladies. My people. My writing buddies. My friends.
We all have blogs and more blogs. (Most of us have 2 or more.)
One of us has written two books.
I think all of us has received at least $50 for being published somewhere.
And we never get together often enough.
That's because most of us have messy lives.
Honestly. Don't get us started. We could cry you all a couple rivers.

But with Rachel leaving for a 6 week mission trip to Mexico and Andie leaving for a family holiday in Switzerland - we put aside our personal crisises and met for coffee in Chilliwack.
At this place:
Which is now my new favorite place to meet for coffee. Their mezzanine level had comfy seating, a fireplace, privacy, and ... well, maybe it was the company I was with that made it so relaxing. And to be honest, I was a little nervous about the whole evening. I mean, well, we hadn't gotten together in 6 months and things coulda bin a little wierd.

But they weren't.
Which is the awesome thing about women.
If we have a connection - we work it. And we're good at that.
It took like 2 nanoseconds for the ice to break and there we were, chatting like we see each other all the time.
And the other thing that I love about being well-past-my-teen-years? Age and circumstance don't matter.
Remember when it was important to have friends who were 'like' you? Someone who liked the same music, was the same age, enjoyed doing the same things, had the same friends, wore the same kind of clothes, had the same faith, was from the same 'clique' or whatever...

Well, when you get old, 'sameness' doesn't matter anymore.
WAG? One 50-something year old, one forty-something year old, two thirty-something year olds and the baby, a twenty-something year old. Two of us have been divorced, four of us are married, four of us have kids (14 kids between us) none of us work fulltime, we live in houses, townhouses, basement suites, we are spread across the land - from Coquitlam to Sardis (about 50 miles apart) and yet? And yet, none of that matters. We are women and just understand each other.

It's a beautiful thing.

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