Tuesday, August 26, 2008

He's Sleeping. Shhhhh.

Drew didn't sleep at all last night, which contributed greatly to his erhhm, difficulties today.
However, despite all the life threatening deceases percolating in his body, he did manage to suck it up and do some sightseeing with us.

I'd love to post pics and reflections, but my turn on the laptop is up.

But can I tell you where we went?

Basilique Notre Dame ... SO VERY AWESOME to experience Clint and Drew's first cathedral visit.

Place Jacque-Cartier - a Granville Street, no-car-zone, pedestrian area filled with flowers, boutiques and restaurants with patios (we had an EXCELLENT supper in this area)

Hotel DeVille - french for "City Hall" - magnificent architecture

Musee d'archeologle e d'histoire de Montreal - Museum of Archeology and History. Not as fascinating as we'd hoped it be. But hey! We went to a museum!

And we wandered around Old Montreal/Old Port for hours LOOKING AT ART GALLERIES.

It has been an awesomely wonderful day.
Tomorrow, for Drew, we will find a mall so that he can shop.

Three things I'm thankful for:
1. I love this place. It feels like I'm in Europe. And I've been to Europe, so I would know.
2. I love the folks I'm sharing this trip with. Honestly, Clint? Loves taking pictures and looking at art as much as I do. I know this will likely be one of the very few times he and I will vacation together, so I'm appreciating every minute of these days. And Drew? Still needs me. And that's nice.
3. So very very thankful for the absolutely PERFECT sightseeing weather. It could not be more perfect. Oh and one other thing. Everyone speaks English here.


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Anonymous said...

So glad you're enjoying Montreal. Last night I looked at our pictures again from our trip to Montreal/Quebec city and really wanted to be there. Another church you may want to see is St. Josephs (on Queen Mary, I think) and the cross on Mont Royal -- esp. beautiful if you go close to dusk. You have a spectacular view of the city. Anyways . . . blessings ~