Monday, August 25, 2008

I Own One Week's Worth of Clothes

I've packed all the clothes that fit me.

And I don't like any of them.


And, you're right, those who know me well, I haven't cancelled Max's tickets yet. Partly due to procrastination. But mostly still hoping he'll get a last minute stay of execution and be allowed to join us.


I'm leaving on a jet plane in about 12 hours. It's after 2:00 am and there are things to be done. Purses to clean out. Passports to find. Geraniums to deadhead. School supplies to organize. Cards to address. Fridges to clean out. Floors to sweep. Cobwebs to destroy. Scrabble games to win. Really? I should just go to bed.


I made the last of our accomodation reservations this evening. Pretty excited about all the places we'll be staying. Hoping Clint and Drew don't go all postal on me and beat me up in the middle of the night for snoring too loud.


Stuff I read today that is resonating with me:
From Ps 19 -
God? Can you clean the slate so that I start fresh each day?
Please keep me from stupid sins.
And keep me from thinking I can take over your work.

I am a mom. Right through to my bones. Do you know how hard it is to step back and let God do His work in the life of my children? Especially when I can't see any evidence of work being done? It's a killer I tell ya.

Luke 19:
"Hey, Jesus. Keep your disciples under control."
He answered, "If they kept quiet, the stones would do it for them, shouting praise."

I love that. Stones shouting praise.
I've got a visual of that.

Dear God,
Thank you for the opportunity to go on this trip with Clint and Drew. God, I pray that this trip will be all that You want it to be. I pray that Your purposes for the next seven days will be accomplished for my family, regardless of which city we are in.

God, I pray for Clint and his sinus infection. Please clear up that snotty nose of his before we board the plane tomorrow. I pray that he would feel relief from the pressure in his head. God, I thank you that his schedule allowed for him to come along. Please let this week be one of rest and relaxation for him.

And Father, I pray for Max. You know I am broken-hearted about leaving him behind. Please God, cover Him with Your care. Speak to him this week, and God, I pray that You would show Him how much You love him in ways he can't miss. I leave him in Your hands and trust You will protect him from harm.

And, God. Drew? Can You calm his nervous stomach? Give him a measure of peace? Keep him safe and healthy on this trip? Show me how to be his mom? Give me the words I need to be able to communicate with him? Help him not to be bored on the plane ride? Thanks.


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