Friday, August 15, 2008

It's Still Summer

In addition to watching sick amounts of men's gymnastics, I've taken a few pics this week.
Drew on his 14th:One of the new guys at work:
Shannon: (She has been my right hand this summer.)
This evening I joined Sandra, her daughter and son-in-law at Cresent Beach -
As per usual, it was awesome. As is every summer evening. (It's almost 1 am and I'm in shorts and a t-shirt on my lounger outside on my patio and It Is Lovely.)
(Tricia? This seaweed pic is for you. Sandra wants you to know our beaches have treasures too.) These two? Below? Were in their 60's or 70's. The one in the bathing suit was swimming when we arrived.
These friends were funny. They were sitting there, on the bench, in front row seats, waiting to watch the sun set.
The Jansens, including baby Chloe. Don't let Kaitlyn's hoody and blanket confuse you... it was a hot evening. 34 degrees. She's mentioned the fact that she was half our size, and that's why she's always cold.

Enjoying our gelato on the high bench, thusly named because our feet don't touch the ground when we sit on it:

Dear God,
Thank you for summer. Wow. What a great idea. Thanks for creating a season where there would be many sunny days in a row.
Thanks for friends. And their skinny, freezing kids.
Thank you for sunsets, gelato, sandy beaches, full moons, high benches and long weekends.

God, I pray that Your will be done this summer. I pray that as You woo those who have wandered away from You, they will respond. I pray that they would be overwhelmed by Your love and would run back to You.
God, I pray for those who are grieving broken relationships and ask that You would send Your Spirit of Comfort to minister to them. Enable them to be consoled. Flood them with hope. Soothe their hurting hearts.
God? For those who are waiting on You for answers, healing, and direction, I pray you would continue to work in their lives. Speak to them clearly, in ways that they would hear. God, please be clear, so there would be no misunderstanding.

Thank you for families. For children, parents, brothers, sisters, kids, old folks, young folks ... God, I pray that you would protect the families of those I love from divorce and separation.

And God?
Is there any way You could intervene and make it possible for Max to join us in Montreal?It doesn't feel right to go without him.
Thank you God for listening. And thank you for loving me. And thank you for the color blue.
In Jesus name,

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Tricia said...

That seaweed looks like stuff I eat!
I miss your regular posting but am happy your having a fun summer.... at least it sounds like you're having fun.