Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Some pics:

None have been photoshopped, but I wanted to share them anyways...
(Oh, and they're kinda out of order. Too much work to put them in chronological order.)

Our room:
(This is not an Etap)
The Notre Dame:

Drew in the cathedral:

Clint in the cathedral:
Clint in the Museum of Archeology and History:

Drew and Clint in front of the Hotel DeVille:
Clint taking ceiling shots in the Notre Dame:

My boys in the museum.
Clint is watching an informative video. Drew is not.
In the crypt:

We did a 'walk about' on Monday night. This was the Hotel DeVille all lit up:
What an awesome, awesome day.
We slept in til noon.
Walked and shopped til our feet and legs could move no more. Then found this:

Afterwards, we went through the Montreal Museum of Modern Art. Oh yes we did. And it was good.

And guess what?
The Montreal Film Festival is in town this week.
How fun is that?
We joined thousands of folks, outside in downtown Montreal, sitting on benches and concrete steps and watched The Right Stuff on this big screen.
Honestly, this holiday is turning out WAY better than I ever imagined.
Three things I'm thankful for:
1. Warm weather, cool breezes, fun things to do.
2. I'm able to keep up with Clint and Drew.
3. Both boys found clothes to buy. Happy kids. Happy mom.

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