Monday, August 18, 2008

Sunday Afternoon at the Koops

The extended Klassen family has a few celebrations to gather for in August:
Drew's birthday (14)
Sarah's birthday (23)
Dad and Mom's Anniversary (49)

Julie and Daryl graciously offered to host the party at their place.
Due to blechky weather, we moved the party from the pool area to the new, partially built garage:

Daryl set up the Wii on a sheet in the garage using his projector. Drew and Mandi were the only ones who played. Max and Zac sat in the house. My brother and his family had a previous committment and Clint had to leave early.
We had fun anyway ...
Daryl took dad for a burn around the yard in the dune buggy:

I think he liked it.
Then we convinced mom to give it a whirl:

Lookit those kids, zipping around the yard:
Happy 49th you two.
Thanks for staying married to each other.
We love you and are thrilled that you still love each other.

Daryl and Jul's new garage:
After a supper that was very lopsided (can you say "meat" heavy?) we set dad up in the garage to watch Walk the Line on the big screen reclining in a lawn chair, while Jul, Mom and I sat right beside him playing Mexican Train Dominoes:

Low score wins.
I lost with excellence.
Three things I'm thankful for:
1. The way plans B or C work out to be just as much fun as Plan A would have been.
2. All 4 of us (Me, Clint, Max and Drew) were in the same church, at the same service this morning. This is a miracle, people.
3. Air mattresses and lawn chairs.

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