Friday, August 29, 2008

We Never Did Make the Switch

We may be clear over to the other side of Canada, but are still operating on BC time. None of us can fall asleep before 4 am (1 am PST) and, again, it's noon and we're just getting up.

I snore.
Clint and Drew, who have been gracious up til now, threw hard cover books at me last night. So I sat in the closet and read my Bible (Colossians) til they were in a deep sleep.

Can I say something?
I ache.
Not from the books being thrown, but from all the walking. This body is used to sitting at a desk. I am walking at least 8 hours a day on this trip. And my legs, starting at my hips, going down to my knees and especially my feet are rebelling.

It's probably a good thing.

I would recommend that before anyone else get a hairbrained idea that it would be fun to explore a city they buy a really good pair of walking shoes.

Just in case you're wondering if I'm spending 14 hours a day in my flip flops, I'm not. I am a vision of loveliness this trip. I'm wearing skirts with tank tops, carrying my camera around my neck, with my big black purse (and the map sticking out the top) over one shoulder with SOCKS and RUNNING SHOES. The kids are always half a block ahead of me. Drew is embarassed. ABOU THE MAP.

I would share some pictures of Quebec City with you, but Clint just downloaded 8 gigs of RAW images onto my laptop and there isn't even one ounce of spare space on this puppy for my photos. We'll have to figure something out. Should have brought 3 laptops, a wireless router, a modem and an external harddrive. :)

Later gators,

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Karyn said...

I would walk with you Jane.